Monday, 24 December 2012

"You boy! What day is it?"

It's Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaaaas!

To paraphrase Joey Tribiani, it's a time for giving, a time for receiving, a time for sharing etc...
It's also a time for sitting in front of the tv!

A 'classic' Christmas line-up, for me, would feature the Raymond Briggs holy trinity of The Snowman (Possibly one of my all-time favourites), The Bear and Father Christmas. And in about two hours, the brand new 'Snowman and Snow-dog' will be unveiled: Here's hoping it meets the previous high standards!

Bill Murray or Kermit: Scrooge ponders his future yet-to-come...
Time is an issue for all of us for most of the year, but what do you do when you have the choice between
The Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooged, and A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version)? They're all the same, but different. Maybe you should just watch 'Blackadder's Christmas Carol' and save time? Burning questions indeed.

Then there are the Christmas movies that aren't exactly Christmas movies, but have somehow become seasonal staples, like Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Gremlins, Narnia, Edward Scissorhands, Lethal Weapon, Planes Trains & Automobiles (Alright, that one was Thanksgiving, but seeing how we don't do Thanksgiving in this country, we'll call it Christmas!).

... Ho. Ho. Ho. *Delivered in the style of Alan Rickman.
Today is Christmas Eve. Arthur Christmas and Santa Claus: The Movie will be off-set (once the nipper is asleep) by the Christmas episodes of Stella Street (David Bowie and Roger Moore swapping Christmas presents: "What's in here? It's a little large for an After Eight mint... oh, a book token for ten pounds." Genius.),as well as some classic Buster Crabbe-tastic Flash Gordon episodes. The Beeb used to show these every morning, years ago, in the run up to Christmas, along with the likes of Laurel and Hardy. No wonder I wrote a script this year called 'Nostalgia'...

We may not be typical seasonal fayre, but we're as camp as Christmas.
Here's to all our Christmas's - I hope you all have a peaceful, safe and happy time.

God bless us, one 'n all!

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